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Theatre, Cinema & Hall Drapes

As you'll see from our showcase, we manufacture drapes for a wide variety of needs and purposes including stage drapes or 'front-of-house' drapes, mid stage or backstage tabs, legs, borders, smothers, gauzes, cycloramas or backdrops, cinema side wall drapes, screen masking or window blackout drapes.

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Theatre Supplies

Theatre Supplies »
For use in theatre, cinema, studios, auditoriums and civic venues, we proudly manufacture and supply

Canvas Technology

Canvas Technology »
We create almost every canvas product for boaties, property owners (shops, homes, gyms, etc.), farmers and Polar explorers:


Fire-Shield »
The best flame retardant products and application services means property and people can be well- protected from fire through fire-retardant technology:

"Drapes, backdrops and curtains for theatres, cinemas and school halls throughout New Zealand and Australia."