Polar Tents and Outdoor Shelter Systems

If you are interested in our award-winning emergency shelters and polar tents, please call us on 03 327 0975. We are happy to design and manufacture shelter systems to suit your requirements.
Polar Tent
Custom-Built Modular Shelter System
Custom-Built Modular Shelter Systems

The company received an Award for Excellence for its Rac-Tent Shelter System covers and an Outstanding Achievement Award for its Scott Polar Tents from the Industrial Fabrics Association.

The Rac-Tent is a custom-built modular shelter system designed specifically for the support of scientific research in remote Polar Regions. Its award-winning design is based on a unique web-beam framing system that allows for exceptionally fast assembly, rock solid security and a far more effective interior work environment than possible with traditional tube-framed, dome or Quonset shaped shelters.

John Herber Ltd has been providing safe, reliable and effective structures for the US Antarctic Program as well as several other International Research Programs since 1995.

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"Award-winning emergency and outdoor shelter systems and tents designed specifically for use in the Polar region."