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Interior Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic control

Acoustic control has become an increasingly important issue. Whether in the private, public or professional sector, the modern work environment can require the separation of different work spaces or the creation of enclosed meeting areas. Our Sound Curtain OFFICE combines the effectiveness, flexibility, aesthetics and design to meet the challenges and demands of modern work spaces.

For use in both small and large windows, we offer ABSORBER LIGHT – a uniquely developed translucent and highly absorbent semi-sheer fabric which utilises thousands of micro perforations. ABSORBER LIGHT has an exceptional absorption level that reduces reverberation times, ensuring optimal speech intelligibility and, at the same time, adds a degree of warmth to a room.
When both excellent sound absorption and room darkening are required, ABSORBER CS is the perfect choice.

Gerriets acoustic solutions have won a number of distinguished awards including the ‘ARCHITECTURE + OFFICE 2016 Innovation Award’.”
GERRIETS ACOUSTICS – We have the right solution for any space!

Interior Acoustic Solutions:

Sound Curtain Office | Trumpf 95 Office | Absorber CS | Absorber Light


Interior Acoustic Solutions:


Separate rooms and workspaces can be created at the push of a button
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The track system is specifically created for use with Sound Curtain OFFICE drapes.
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A curtain which acoustically improves, darkens and optically enhances your room
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Achieving high quality acoustics has always posed a challenge – until now
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