NZ Fire-Shield Application Services

Advice, Consultancy and Application Services

Our products and services can be used on natural and most synthetic products to obtain a fire resistant rating. Please call us on 0800 No Flame for advice and assistance.


We pride ourselves on offering the best service, advice and products available in New Zealand. We are familiar with government regulations on fire prevention enabling us to offer consultancy in regards to:

  • Commercial/ Industrial Protection - If you are building new or just renovating, we can help you to protect your investments with our range of products and services
  • Entertainment Venues - We can assist you to better protect your investments. From new buildings, renovations through to surface linings and decorative hangings, we have a solution for you
  • Residential/ Domestic Security - We can help you protect your loved ones and possessions whether you have an existing home, are planning to build or just want to add peace of mind to your current situation.


As you can't send your factory, school, or hotel to us, we will come to you to apply our fire retardant products on-site. If you need us to, we can even come at 'the last minute' to make sure your building meets fire code regulations.

Fire Prevention Advice

"Fire retardant and water proofing sprays - product and application advice from NZ Fire Shield."