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Absorber Light


Achieving high quality acoustics in a naturally lit environment has posed a challenge throughout the years – until now. This award winning, innovative, semi-sheer translucent fabric allows bright,  naturally lit rooms to coexist with perfect acoustics.

Our ABSORBER LIGHT fabric can be used in many ways. Whether in art galleries, museums, lobbies, offices or rehearsal rooms, with the help of our ABSORBER LIGHT you can create a modern, open and comfortable atmosphere.


Most acoustically absorbent fabrics are thick, heavy and room-darkening. Our ABSORBER LIGHT is different. The translucent yet highly absorbent fabric uses thousands of micro perforations  ithin the weave to absorb sound. On the market, it currently has the best absorption class in the field of translucent acoustic textiles. ABSORBER LIGHT combines three elements that no other fabric has achieved thus far: a visually appealing design, brightly lit rooms and perfect acoustics.

At a width of 3.0 m (118 in) this acoustic fabric can be used to manufacture seamless drapery for office environments at average ceiling height. Besides our standard colours – light beige, sand brown, anthracite, grey silver and white – custom dyed colours are available upon request.


Interior Acoustic Solutions:

Sound Curtain Office | Trumpf 95 Office | Absorber Cs | Absorber Light

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Interior Acoustic Solutions:


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